17.-19. Mayo 2019
Halle 622 Zürich-Oerlikon
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Cannabis Village

CannaTrade News La „expo en la expo“ sobre el tema del cáñamo. CANNABIS VILLAGE visita todas las ferias para visitantes de gran tamaño e informa sobre todos los aspectos del cannabis como expositor especial.
Productos del CBD o información y literatura sobre el cáñamo como planta con fines terapéuticos, para la cosmética, la alimetación y los superalimentos; el cáñamo como material para la construcción; la planta como origen de materias textiles; el cultivo del cáñamo y sus correspondientes utensilios; los accesorios para su consumo tales como vaporizer, pipas… son algunos de los temas sobre los que se informa.

Proxima edición: Cannabis Village muba Basel, 8.-17. Februar 2019

Aquí encontrarás toda la información: www.cannabisvillage.ch.

CannaTrade News The revival edition of the CannaSwissCup in 2017, after a ten years break, was a huge success. More than 600 jury members have tested the 35 different registered CBD sorts and could chose thereby the winners of CannaSwissCup 2017/18 in the various categories Indoor, Outdoor and Greenhouse. The Awardshow of CannaSwissCup, at CannaTrade 2018, was combined with the drawing, amongst the jury members, for the trip to the Emeralds Cup in California, USA. Please find the winners here.

Let’s Go On – CannaSwissCup 2018/19 
The upcoming edition of the CannaSwissCup will show promise! Since past year, many more, new created, sorts have been launched. Hemp is growing again, in hundreds of grow rooms, greenhouses and on hemp fields, all over Switzerland, like in the good old 90ties of last century.

Producers interested in joining the CannaSwissCup 2018/19 , please register your sorts here > Producers

How will the best grass be chosen? Nobody lower than experienced consumers will make a blind testing, without getting any information on the sorts or producers just regarding flavour and appearance.  Jury-Boxes can be pre-ordered from nowand will be available, in a limited edition, from January 2019.

Order Box – Price: CHF 195.-

The best grass sorts, out of the different categories (Indoor, Outdoor, ev. Greenhouse) will be chosen and awarded on Saturday 18th of May 2019 at the international hemp fair CannaTrade.

New: Extract-Cup?
Beside the «Weed» Cup, the association of CannaSwissCup, would like to organize «Extract» Cup. We therefore call on interested producers of cannabis extracts to register for it via the given poll form.

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