27-29th April 2018
Zürich Switzerland
New Location - Halle 622 - Zürich-Oerlikon
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We have the pleasure to welcome you to CannaTrade, the oldest hemp fair in Europe! The history of CannaTrade started 2001, in the fair halls of BEA Expo Bern, as a result of the Swiss Hemp Days in 1999 and 2000. The following editions of CannaTrade in 2008 and 2009 were presented at the exhibiton halls of Basel. Caused by the hemp related political situation, we decided to organize the fair CannaTrade in a two-years-rhythm. Until 2016, we did this successfully at Stadthalle Dietikon/Zurich.

The next edition of CannaTrade takes place in the middle of Zurich!

Hall 622, Zurich-Oerlikon - 27th to 29th April 2018


Opening times for visitors:
Friday, 27th April 2018 11:00 – 19:00 h
Saturday, 28th April 2018 11:00 – 20:00 h
Sunday, 29th April 2018 11:00 – 18:00 h

The hemp fair CannaTrade would like to inform on the amazing variety of the hemp plant, so the exhibition is classified into different categories:

  • Grow – All about Growing of Plants
  • CBD – Cannabis Flowers and all the other good things that can be produced from CBD (Cannabidiol)
  • Paraphernalia – Vaporizer, Bongs, Pipes, Tobacco and Papers
  • Nature – Textiles, Food, Drinks, Beauty Care, Building Materials – Made with or from Hemp
  • Medicine – Information about Cannabis as Medicine
  • Media – Books, Magazines, Speeches and Discussions on Cannabis
  • Institutes – Several Clubs, Associations and Platforms introduce themselves
  • Art – Cannabis and Art

CannaTrade AG and their exhibitors will keep all legal provisions.

Hall 622 – directly at the train station of Zurich-Oerlikon

Hall 622, Therese-Giehse-Strasse 10, 8050 Zurich-Oerlikon

The hall 622 is a factory building and used to be a production place for high voltage equipment until 2012. Nowadays it serves as a multifunctional event hall, still keeping the industrial charm.

The Fair Hall 622 is directly at the train station of Zurich-Oerlikon. From the main station in Zurich please take S-Railway (Suburban Railway), tram or bus, all in a minute cycle. Starting from the airport Zurich-Kloten it takes 15 minutes by S-Railway, tram or bus to the exhibition hall, which is surrounded by hotels, restaurants, parking decks and green areas for relaxing – you want some more?



Halle 622, Therese-Giehse-Strasse 10, 8050 Zürich Oerlikon
(directly at the train station of Oerlikon)

Public Transport
Trains starting from the central railway station Zurich
Suburban-Railway Lines S2, S5, S6, S7, S8, S9, S14, S15, S16, S19, S24 to the station Oerlikon.
Take a five minutes walk to the hall in the direction of the station Oerlikon Nord (Oerlikon North).

Suburban-Railway from the airport Zurich
Take the S-Railway lines S2, S16 or S24 to the station Oerlikon (4 minutes ride time, 15 minutes by bus)

Line 11 to the station of Oerlikon then take a four minutes walk in direction of station Oerlikon Nord (Oerlikon-North).

Bus No. 64 or No. 80 – BUS STOP Zurich to station Oerlikon Nord (Oerlikon North Bus Stop is directly at the hall 622)

An up-dated time table please find here:

Car Drivers

Please use the following parking decks nearby the hall 622, opening time 24 hours and around two minutes walkway to the fair hall.



Summer in the city
Summer in the city

Summer in the City is the motto of the Swiss hemp fair. Please enjoy our outdoor area during your stay, have some delicious food and drinks, go shopping or just relax.


The hemp fair CannaTrade awards as usually the best products in the following categories:

  • Grow
  • Paraphernalia
  • Nature
  • Media

Also the most beautiful decorated stall, voted by the visitors of CannaTrade, gets an award.                   
All exhibitors, sub-exhibitors and sponsors of CannaTrade have the right to participate on these contests.
For registration and further details please have a look at our website, find “MyCannaTrade” then follow “Products”.

Go here for the winners of past editions.
cannaTrade 2014

NEW – The return of CannaSwissCup – Award for the best kind of CBD Cannabis.

Detailed info please find under www.cannaswisscup.ch

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CannaTrade 2016
CannaTrade 2014
CannaTrade 2012
Age Limit
Access to the fair is permitted from the age of 16. Children under the age of 16 only have access in supervision of adults.
Business Visitors

CannaTrade grants to each hemp related shop, dealer, producer, media and association two 3-day-tickets for free.

More details you find under http://www.cannatrade.ch/business

In 1999 the first Swiss Hemp Days took place in Ittigen (Bern), in the following year the hemp days were presented in Biberist CH. The history of CannaTrade started 2001, in the fair halls of BEA Expo Bern, as a result of these Swiss Hemp Days. The editions of CannaTrade in 2008 - 2010 were presented in the exhibiton halls of Basel. Until 2016, we organized the fair in a two-years-rhythm at Stadthalle Dietikon/Zurich. The turn of political events, especial in the USA, raises hope again for a soon (?!) ending of the repression and thereby a new chance for CannaTrade to bloom like in "good old times"...It stays exiting, anyway!
The management of the fair gives all visitors advice to use the public transport. A positive aspect of public transport is certainly that you may drink one or two beers without getting in trouble...
Dogs are welcome at the fair. But we give advice to keep the dogs in the outdoor area Summer in the City. This space is certainly more comfortable…

General information for exhibitors as well the list of exhibitors you will find here:


Hall Plan
Coming July 2017.
Hemp is one of the eldest useful plants on earth. The Chinese are cultivating hemp for more than 10'000 years. The hemp plant is relatively easy to grow, doesn't need any pesticide, furthermore, it is an ameliorant.

Hemp on the fields, save the woods. Refering to an equal area, the annual hemp plant is four to five times more effective in the paper production than trees. Caused by the enormous strength of the fiber, hemp paper can be receycled far more often than wooden paper.

Furthermore, hemp produces two to three times more fibers than the cotton plant, but without any pesticide. 50% of the total used pesticide are for the cotton growing. We have finally to stop this contamination of earth and groundwater.

Hemp seed is far more nutritious than even soybean, contains more essential fatty acids than any other source, is second only to soybeans in complete protein (but is more digestible by humans), is high in B-vitamins, and is 35% dietary fiber. Hemp seed is not psychoactive and cannot be used as a drug. Hemp seed oil may be nature's most perfectly balanced oil. It contains an ideal 3:1 ratio of omega-6's [linoleic acid] to omega-3's [alpha-linolenic acid] for long-term use, and provides the omega-6 derivative gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). Hemp can be used in many ways, like no other plant i.e. as biomass or as isolation and building material. Regional and hemp based circular flow economies in connection with solar energy may help to stop the climate warming.

Hemp is last but not least one of the eldest elixir and intoxicant in the human history. Hemp is an effective medicine against seizures, sickness, stress and so many more diseases. In addition, hemp is one of the less toxic plants and nowadays, the best studied drug worldwide.

Hemp could stop the intoxication of the population through harmful medicine. The turn to sustainable agriculture will be impossible without this precious plant. A complete rehabilitation of hemp, the useful plant No. 1, is overdue. Natural resources, water and the sun provide with all we need.
Identity Check
Please keep your ID-Card with you, there will be identity checks during the fair (protection of minors). Thanks for your comprehension.
Cannabis with less than 1% THC content is now legal for consumption in Swiss. Various of cannabis products and lots of CBD weed will be offered at the hemp fair CannaTrade. Concerning food and medicaments/drugs the current Swiss Law in is more strictly. A minimum THC content in foodstuffs is legal but CBD is here completely forbidden (still). Represented products for the purpose of healing, even naturally based ones, have to be officially authorized by Swissmedic, otherwise promotion is not permitted.

Cannabis users will find a lot of helpful info on the entire Swiss law regarding consumption of cannabis http://www.hanflegal.ch/
Opening times for visitors
Friday, 27th April 2018 11:00 – 19:00 h
Saturday, 28th April 2018 11:00 – 20:00 h
Sunday, 29th April 2018 11:00 – 18:00 h

Details on the route to CannaTrade.ch you will find here:


The selling of hemp seeds, except a few industrial ones, is prohibited in Swiss.
Smoking is forbidden in all public buildings in Switzerland, means also in the fair hall of CannaTrade. But smokers are welcome in the big outdoor area Summer in the City.
Swiss Hemp Days (Schweizer Hanftage)
Under this labeling, the first Swiss hemp events took place in the years 1999 and 2000. These actions finally lead to the first international hemp fair CannaTrade.ch in 2001.

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We kindly ask our visitors to use the disposable garbage cans for the waste.